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A study conducted by the US Department of Education's Center for Statistics showed that 94% of public schools across the country provide digital devices to their students for the 2022-23 academic year, including laptops and tablets. The Northeast and Midwest ranked the highest, with 95% of schools providing devices for students. 

23% said they are not offering students training on digital literacy.

Civic Science conducted a study where nearly 3,000 parents in the US were interviewed about monitoring device use. 40% said they do not monitor their child's screen time. 27% limit use during specific times each day, while only 12% restrict use to only weekends. 47% of kids are allowed over three or more hours of screen time daily.

Civic Science collected 759 responses from parents in September 2022 about parental device restrictions. They reported that older parents are more likely to provide "unlimited access to screens." While almost 70% of parents 45+ reported not placing any limits on screen use, 96% of parents between 18-24 reported that they did.

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