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Here are some of the 2022 award-winning films from the Chicago International Children's Film Festival...

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 10.20.15 PM.png

Milos Stehlik Global Impact Award


"In this slice-of-life portrait of childhood innocence, two 8-year-old boys navigate the ups and downs of friendship during a time of religious conflict. Set after the destruction of the Babri Mosque in India, the ongoing strife between Hindus and Muslims divides the boys' rural village, represented through a literal wall between their houses..."

Emerging Director Prize

The Netherlands

"Grace (17), an Afro-Dutch girl with albinism, feels excluded due to her light skin and poor eyesight. Besides, she has to face the towering expectations of her emotionally distant mother and overprotective brother. When she meets the confident dancer Kia and her entourage, Grace finds an outlet in the Rotterdam Afro Dance scene..."

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Liv Ullman Peace Prize – Feature Film


"While studying letters in their first grade class, Mehdi is asked to bring in apples ('Seeb' in Farsi) for his classmates on the day the letter 'S' is to be covered--due to his father being a fruit seller. However, tragedy falls upon the family business and this request becomes especially challenging for Mehdi to complete..."

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