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Early Development

Early Development

Angela handled our twins with ease and did a wonderful job with their schedule. She immediately began exposing them to several different activities. She used her experience in Early Childhood Education to help develop the twins. They learned to hold their bottle at 4 months and use a sippy cup by 6 months. She encouraged activities to help the kids to stand, walk, and use a spoon all ahead of normal stage development. She also exposed them to music, art, and several other learning activities. When she taught them sign language it was a wonderful accomplishment that we all benefitted from, communicating and understanding the children at an early age. She became an integral part of our lives and we consider her as our 3rd parent.

                                                                                                                                                   Dawn and Kurt C. 


On the first visit, Angela had our 7 month old giving high fives and learning basic sign language! We highly recommend Angela for babies as our experience with her has been excellent!
                                                                                                                                                 Sarah and Grant J.

The Twins

The Twins - Sleep training

"Angela has been THE MOST WONDERFUL thing that could have ever been given to us as new parents. I can't tell you what a blessing she was to us!! Here are some things that she helped us with specifically:

- Sleep training and got them to sleep through the night early on
- Taught girls sign language to communicate when they couldn't talk

- Made our own homemade baby food.

- Taught us about the importance of a schedule  

- Taught us the importance of tummy time - to strengthen their little necks.
And most importantly she loved our babies like her own!!  That is priceless!!" 

                                                                                                                                                           Amy and John G.

Mary Poppins

Angela is amazing. Extremely capable and professional. She shows up everyday with a plan for the kids and gets them engaged. Basically, Mary Poppins of North Dallas. We can't recommend her enough.

                                                                                                           Emily and Andrew A.

Mom-Mom: Baby JP's Grandmother

Mom-Mom - the grandmother

"Angela is an extremely competent, knowledgeable and a caring individual. She identifies and articulates to the parent the child's developmental stages and progress, assesses their abilities and sets clearly defined goals for the child to reach. She is able to set boundaries for the child in a loving yet firm manner. She has a wonderful sense of humor and realizes the importance of play. If you are fortunate enough to employ Angela you will be thankful that you "found" her."

                                                                Susan P.

                                                                Retired Educator

New Parent & Sleep Consultation

"Mrs. Angela I am so excited that I had to share. After you left, both girls slept until their next feeding, even the one who we haven't been able to get to lay flat in her basinet for weeks. When we did tummy time E1 cried the whole time and E2 cried half way through, but, I heard your soothing voice in all our ears saying you're ok. I am reassured that I can do this and do this well because God sent you to us. Our family is blessed by you. What you do matters and blesses even when you are not here. I just can't thank you enough."

                                                                                                                                                 Toshiro M.

The Preemies

The Preemie Twins

 "Angela watched our  twins several times over the course of a week and a half. She was not only extremely qualified but professional, thorough and kind with the boys. We appreciated all that she did, but the best part was their report cards at the end of the night. That was truly a first for us as new parents and we really enjoyed reading about their night. We have recommend her services to friends who will be vacationing in Panama City this summer. Angela is very responsible and I trust her with my children any day."

                                                                                                                                                Brittany and George R. 


Angela was way more qualified than any other nannies I interviewed. She was prompt professional and the kids loved her. She kept all four children fed, bathed, and fully entertained.  The 20 month old had only communicated through a series of grunts and pointing, but  Angela had him signing and saying “please” and “thank you” in three short days.

                                                                                                        Kathy M.

Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language

Angela was a wonderful caregiver to our then four month old son. We breastfeed and used cloth diapers, and Angela had experience with both handling and storage of breastmilk and cloth diapering--a big plus in our book.
        While watching our son, she noticed we were beginning some baby sign language and gave us a few more signs to try. She related a story of a little boy who had his own version of the sign for "more." I'm so glad she did, because our son never signed "more" the traditional way! She saved us so much frustration on both sides by confirming that some kids will insist on doing things their own way. 

     She also discovered a secret to helping my nap-averse son sleep during the day: white noise. We had tried it with little success a month earlier. She showed us a sleep app with an option for crashing ocean waves. My son is now almost 16 months old and it still soothes him and helps him stay asleep despite barking dogs in the neighborhood.
     We were very pleased with the level of care Angela provided and the insight she was able to give us on making caring for our     son a little easier. I'm sure you will feel the same way! 
                                                                                                                    Gabriela T.

Two Under Three

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Special Needs Resource

     It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Angela. In short, I do not believe there exists a more loving, reliable, competent, experienced, hardworking and beloved  caregiver than she. Not only did she teach our child sign language, but she also understood what he needed, and what he loved.

     When our second child was born, thank goodness Angela was around to help us adjust to life with two children under the age of three. As wonderful as Angela was with our first child, she was that fabulous with our newborn who also adored her from the very beginning.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Jennifer  and Matt B. 


As first time parents, we are so very THANKFUL for Ms. Angela! It was very important for us to find someone who would encourage our child's development skills, which is exactly what she does! At this moment, Ms. Angela is helping our baby walk and has began teaching her baby sign language. Ms. Angela is extremely knowledgeable in early childhood development and specializes in sleep training which we've had the opportunity to see first hand. New parents if you're looking for someone to  help Ms. Angela will save the day! ...She saved ours!
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Helana and Alfonso R.

Skeptical But Encouraged

Sceptical but encouraged

Angela taught our son things my husband and I didn't realize he could learn, for example, sign language. While I was a little skeptical at first, I encouraged it, figuring it couldn't hurt. Within a few weeks he made the sign for "milk" and after that I was hooked. Aside from the signing, Angela was extremely helpful guiding us through early parenthood. She let us know when she thought he was ready for a sippy cup. As new parents, we appreciated the insight.

                                                                                                       Millie C.

Sign Language Classes

Angela was great with She is always "up" and prepared with toys, books, hand-outs, CDs and songs relating to every lesson. She related well to the children (ages 8-9 months to 3 years). Her signing was clear and fluid. The children enjoyed the songs, stories, and toys that related to each lesson. Angela is comfortable and knowledgeable in her field and thoroughly enjoys what she does.
                                                                                                                                                          Jan F.


The Toddler Stages

Angela has vast experience working with children and has a deep understanding of how a child develops, behaves, and learns. As first time parents, she provided invaluable advice and written feedback on growth milestones, learning activities, and behavior modification strategies.

      Specifically, Angela helped us in 4 major areas; sign language, healthy food preparation, sleep scheduling and potty training. When Angela first visited with us and she immediately started teaching all of us some basic sign language. Angela made this process very fun and our son always enjoyed the new songs and words she taught him. This technique helped us communicate with our son at a very young age and helped him express his needs.

     Angela helped us establish a healthy eating routine with our son. She regularly prepared organic baby food and introduced him to multiple types of new foods over the course of 2 years. As he got older, she also involved our son in preparing some of his favorite foods . We are very thankful that she taught us some tricks and techniques for making mealtime fun and healthy.

        In addition, she helped us with sleep training, at 12 months, she helped us transition to one afternoon nap and at  age 2 ½ helped us transition to a toddler bed. I most appreciate her encouragement and experienced perspective during the times when we were tired and frustrated in this process. She promised us it would get better over time and she was right!

      The final area where we most appreciated Angela’s experience and patience was in potty training our son. Many parents dread this stage and Angela helped us set reasonable expectations and helped our son become excited about this process. We are thankful for all the time and energy she spent with us so that he could be fully potty-trained by age 2 ½ and ready to attend pre-school.

      Finally, and most importantly, Angela is a caring, compassionate and thoughtful person. Her values of faith and family are readily apparent in her cheerful attitude and peaceful demeanour. We highly recommend her to any family looking for some professional advice, especially first time parents!  

                                                                                                                                                             Lt. Col. James & Dr. Rachel S.